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2021 Holiday Collection


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays are upon us and you'll be ready dinner guests and cozy nights with all six of these warm, and memorable scents! 

Our candles are made from an all natural coconut wax blend, phthalate and paraben free fragrances and eco friendly, cotton braided wicks for a clean burn.

25-50hr burn time

Each candle sold benefits a grassroots non profit with a mission to support and empower women! 

Sweet Potato Pie+ Chai

Sweet potato pie is better than pumpkin... Just sayin'. Enjoy this yummy, sweet blend of sweet potato, nutmeg and clove blended perfectly with the sharp and spicy chai spice. You'll be burning this one all season long!

Perfect for: Burning on a cool fall afternoon while your cozy up under your blanket in fuzzy socks and read a book or scroll instagram...

Scent Profile
Top: Nutmeg
Middle: Sweet potato
Base: Clove and Chai spice 

Banana Nut Muffin

One of last seasons most highly requested scents! You will LOVE this candle but I’ve gotta tell you; your family will be mad! Don’t be fooled, there isn’t anything baking in the oven, just this amazing scent filling your home! Those not a fan or bakery or gourmand scents might be surprised at how much they like this one! It’s like a hug from grandma!

Perfect for: When you felt like baking but didn’t and still wanted it to smell like you did while you figure out what to order… Just me?
Scent Profile
Top: Vanilla Bean
Middle: Banana Tonka bean
Base: Butter

Apple, Sage and Spice

This scent makes me wish I had a thick, Texas accent- I don't know why. It reminds me of going to a holiday pop up and the medley of all the cinnamon, spice and spruce in the air. Definitely one of the most nostalgic scents of the season! 

Perfect for: Burning right before your guests come over to enjoy enjoy good food and family time.

Scent Profile
Top: Green apple
Middle: Ginger, Sage
Base: Sugar and Allspice


Y'all know I love a good sexy mama smell! This scent is light, woodsy and warm. Almost reminiscent of an expensive perfume. One of my favorite scents to just spritz around the house and enjoy!

Perfect for: Sunny winter weekend mornings after you've finally cleaned the house post the holiday wreck! The perfect topper on a freshly cleaned home. 

Scent Profile
Top: White birch
Middle: Vanilla
Base: Sandalwood


This ones made for smoochin! Though I don't recommend walking around holding a glass candle above your lovers head. This scent is deep, fresh and feels like silk sheets on a naked body. 

Perfect for: Setting the mood. Pure Netflix and chill vibes.

Scent Profile
Top: Bergamont
Middle: Jasmine, Plum
Base: Freesia, White Tea

Silent Night

My personal favorite of the season. Clean, fresh and soothing lavender with a crisp blend of cedar and amber. This scent is all the zen we need post the holiday rush. 

Perfect for: That long bubble bath you're planning on after your in-laws leave...

Scent Profile:
Top: Eucalyptus, Lavender
Middle: Cedar
Base: Amber 


Reed Diffusers are meant for smaller spaces. They give of a subtle scent lasting throughout the day and are a great alternative to candles. Great for sensitive noses. Flip your reeds every 5-7 days for best scent performance.

Spray safely:
Spray safely towards the center of the room, away from your eyes/face.Keep out of reach of children and pets
Wooden surfaces and tiled floors may become slippery if wet. Please use extreme caution.
Keep away from heat and flames.
Always test a small patch before use on fabrics and upholstery.

Ingredients: Distilled water, phenonip, polysorbate 20, fragrance oil, essential oils


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