A Dedication

My brother was the kindest, purest person I've ever met in my life. DaVaughn had a sweet soul and cared deeply for others. His life was only 24 years short but even in that period of time, the impact he had on this earth and everyone he came into contact with was immense. When he passed away in June, I was lost. Still am sometimes.

I was never a "crafty" person. Never did too much thinking about running a business, let alone a handmade product (I still laugh thinking about it)! My brother gave me candle making as a way to get through the days without him and has continued to guide the way as this tiny idea continues to develop. 

I dedicate Blow Candle Co. to my brother, DaVaughn Larnell Parker. The world will forever be darker without you here but I'll never stop trying to share the light that was you. 

I love you brother bear. 

"Cause an effect, create change and make a difference in the world."- DaVaughn Parker