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Blow Candle Co.

Apple Sage and Spice Reed Diffuser

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This scent makes me wish I had a thick, Texas accent- I don't know why. It reminds me of going to a holiday pop up and the medley of all the cinnamon, spice and spruce in the air. Definitely one of the most nostalgic scents of the season! 

Perfect for: Burning right before your guests come over to enjoy enjoy good food and family time.

Scent Details

Top: Green apple
Middle: Ginger, Sage
Base: Sugar and Allspice

Product Details

6+ months of lasting scent.

How to Use

Reed Diffusers are meant for smaller spaces. They give of a subtle scent lasting throughout the day and are a great alternative to candles. Great for sensitive noses. Flip your reeds every 5-7 days for best scent performance.