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Blow Candle Co.

Roasted Pumpkin and Spice Reed Diffuser

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FINALLY! A scent that will appease those that have been waiting all year for pumpkin season and those that despise it (until now)! A unique blend of sweet pumpkin and cream with spicy cardamom, ginger and bergamot. It's cozy, it's nostalgic and a 5 year old recently told us it's the best thing she's ever smelled and we all know... kids don't lie!

Perfect for: Creating the perfect fall vibes on a cozy night at home. Grab a blank and someone to snuggle with for this one! 

Scent Details

Top: Pumpkin, Sugar
Middle: Cardamom, Bergamot
Base: Mahogany, Vanilla, Cream

Product Details

6+ months of lasting scent.

How to Use

Reed Diffusers are meant for smaller spaces. They give of a subtle scent lasting throughout the day and are a great alternative to candles. Great for sensitive noses. Flip your reeds every 5-7 days for best scent performance.