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Blow Candle Co.

Winter Woodlands Reed Diffuser

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Hands down our favorite new scent of the season! This alluring blend of jasmine and lavender coupled notes of amber, moss and bamboo, is the definition of an upscale winter scent. It's deep, earthy and truly unique. 

Perfect for: The first moment of peace you get to enjoy after your annual family photo session. Light, relax and breathe deep- you deserve it this.

Scent Details

Top: Marine, Moss
Middle: Lavender, Sage, Bamboo
Base: Amber, Cedar, Sandalwood

Product Details

6+ months of lasting scent.

How to Use

Reed Diffusers are meant for smaller spaces. They give of a subtle scent lasting throughout the day and are a great alternative to candles. Great for sensitive noses. Flip your reeds every 5-7 days for best scent performance.